GeForce Titan: NVIDIA's GK110-Based Mainstream Graphics Card

edwardquilo - January 21, 2013 08:27AM in Video Cards

A purported NVIDIA product release on late February could very well spark a lot of interest in an unexciting initial first quarter for consumer-level PC graphics. That card is what's being called, not too subtly, as the GeForce Titan. Utilizing NVIDIA's GK110 graphics architecture, it has been hinted that the mainstream GeForce Titan SKU will have 14 SMX units or 2,688 CUDA cores. The unconfirmed specifications also point towards a GDDR5 memory interface with 384-bit bandwidth, together with a default memory loadout of 6GB. There was no mention of the high-end card maintaining the "600 series" moniker, which could very well indicate the Titan's integration into the GeForce 700 Kepler Refresh family. With a speculated price range of around $899, will the single-GPU prowess of the GeForce Titan be mighty enough to overthrow NVIDIA's own GTX690 juggernaut?