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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Constant C

Category: Gaming
Posted: 03:35PM

Constant C is a 2D puzzle platformer that puts you in control of a robot that can control time and gravity. While it may sound like it simply uses mechanics found in other games, the way these mechanics are utilized here is what makes Constant C stand out. The game takes place within a research center in outer space where time suddenly stopped completely, placing all objects in a motionless state. Early on in your adventure, you acquire an item simply referred to as the Time Circle, which creates a circle around your character, Rescue Robot. If your Time Circle touches an object, time will be restored for that object and it will start to move again. By using the Time Circle along with your ability to shift gravity, you can solve an array of puzzles as you traverse the 100+ levels.

The graphics look quite good and developer IGS promises an "epic story" with an array of interesting characters. The trailer and screenshots below should give you a good idea of the game, but there are two other videos to watch on the Greenlight page if you'd like to see some more gameplay, including a few advanced maneuvers. If you're a fan of 2D platformers, Constant C is definitely worth keeping your eye on.

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