Hardware Roundup: Thursday Edition

Nemo - January 17, 2013 05:56AM in Affiliate News

After a lot of hard work and a lot of time invested, we have finalized our CES 2013 coverage and you can now read up on several additional companies our staff visited and check out photos from the show including the obligatory 'booth babes' section. Also in today's roundup is a review of the Kingwin Power Force 850W power supply, an editorial on Apple's string of successful products over the past ten years as well as some additional CES coverage from one of our affiliates.

Apple's Near-Impeccable 10-Year Run: Where They Succeeded and Others Were Too Lazy to Innovate @ TechSpot

Power Supplies
Kingwin Power Force 850W Power Supply @ [H]ardOCP

Trade Shows/Conventions
CES 2013: Swiftech @ ThinkComputers
CES 2013: Lenovo @ ThinkComputers

Frame Rating Part 2: Finding and Defining Stutter @ PC Perspective