Google Announces Two Google Glass Hackathons

EuroFight - January 16, 2013 01:18PM in Mobile

Google has announced it is organising two hackathons for developers to get hands on with its Google Glass project. The hackathons will be held in San Francisco and New York, and will be open to developers that invest $1,500 for the developer edition of the glasses. Developers who attend the hackathons will enable developers to get an early look at the device well ahead of its 2014 release, and will even get to try one of the devices while they are on-site.

The Google Glass device was first demonstrated in June last year. At that point, the glasses had video and audio capabilities, as well as a built in compass and accelerometer. The company is also said to be experimenting with voice command and touch pad input methods for the device. The release date for the developer edition of the Google Glass is expected to be later this year, but the hackathons will certainly provide an insight into the final product.