Steam Greenlight Spotlight: CES 2013

ClayMeow - January 13, 2013 05:52PM in Gaming

There will be no Steam Greenlight Spotlight this week due to CES, for several reasons, not least of which that I have done enough writing for this week. But aside from that, there are also plenty of photos and information in OCC's CES 2013 Coverage to satisfy any gamer, including the Razer Edge and NVIDIA's Project SHIELD. If you check out the forum thread, you'll even find a walkthrough for the Metro: Last Light demo I got to play on a 3D Vision Surround tri-monitor setup, as well as the debunking of the Steam Box rumor.

So go ahead and check out our official coverage for CES 2013 and be sure to comment in the forum thread, especially if you have any questions for things we saw. Below, I've included a few of the photos we snapped of items geared toward gamers, but there's a lot more to see and read in the main article.