Intel Ivy Bridge Y Series TDP Marketing Confusion

EuroFight - January 9, 2013 12:53PM in CPU's

Earlier, during this year's CES, Intel revealed its new Ivy Bridge Y series of processors rated at 7W designed for use in low power laptops and tablets. One of the most surprising details of the new chips were the TDP (Thermal Design Power). This is particularly surprising considering the current-generation 17W Ivy Bridge chips, with the new chips representing a decrease of 10W. It has since been established, however, that the 7W quoted value is not as it may seem on the surface.

Intel has since, however, released a statement that reveals the rated TDP  of its new Ivy Bridge chips is, in fact, 13W. This is because Intel's 7W rating is based on the chips' SDP (Scenario Design Point) rating, which is a designed to represent the processor under the stress of mainstream use. SDP is not comparable to the industry standard TDP, and is unlikely to be adopted in the near future.