Leetgion EL'DRUIN Gaming Mouse Now Available

Nemo - January 9, 2013 05:14AM in Input Devices

Thermalright, the maker of PC CPU coolers, has a separate gaming division called Leetgion, which has just released its RPG gaming mouse named the EL'DRUIN. It features a five-way thumb pad, called the Skill Power Actions D-Pad, or SPAD for short. For the RPG player, the programmable SPAD gives the user direct access to skills without having to resort to complex button placements. The new mouse also comes with Leetgion's Omni-Tuner wheel for on-the-fly switching between profiles and DPI settings that can be set to ranges of 100 to 5000. The EL’DRUIN addresses ergonomics through the use of removable palm plates, allowing you to choose between two sizes and two different textures. The EL’DRUIN mouse is available now at a suggested retail price of US$89.95.