Mushkin Launches ProSpec Enterprise Class SSD Series

Guest_Jim_* - January 8, 2013 03:27PM in Trade Shows/Conventions

It almost seems like every company at CES has come with a new flash storage device, whether it is a USB drive, SATA SSD, or PCIe SSD, and Mushkin is no different. The company, which is well known for its memory modules and consumer SSDs, has unveiled its new ProSpec SSD series which has been designed for the enterprise customer.

Armed with a SandForce SF-2582 SSD processor the series is capable of 80 K/42 K IOPS and a sustained transfer rate of 560 MB/s. Part of how it achieves this speed is with Enterprise MLC flash (eMLC) instead of the SLC flash more often found in enterprise drives. This gain in performance is not at the expense of reliability though as there is no performance degradation over the light of the drive. The series, which ranges in capacity from 100 GB to 400 GB, supports 128-bit AES hardware encryption, TRIM wear leveling, Garbage Collection, amongst other features, and is backed by a three-year limited warranty.