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Valve and Xi3 to Show Off Steam Box During CES

Category: Trade Shows/Conventions
Posted: 02:47AM

A Steam Box, a small PC designed to be hooked up to TVs to play Steam games, has been rumored for about a year now, but so far it's all just been rumors. However, that all changes as Valve and Xi3, maker of super tiny PCs, have teamed up to reveal "an integrated system that exceeds the capabilities of leading game consoles, but can fit in the palm of your hand." This tiny PC, the famed Steam Box, will be shown this week during CES at both the Valve and Xi3 booths, but until then, details are extremely limited on what's all inside the PC. Most likely it'll run on Linux, probably Ubuntu, but other than that your guess is as good as mine for now. Jason A. Sullivan, founder, president, and CEO of Xi3, had the following to say on the product:

Today marks the beginning of a new era for Xi3. This new development stage product will allow users to take full-advantage of their large high-definition TV displays for an amazing computer game experience. As a result, this new system could provide access to thousands of gaming titles through an integrated system that exceeds the capabilities of leading game consoles, but can fit in the palm of your hand.

Valve has invested heavily in Xi3, so it looks like we'll be getting a Steam Box for sure. There are more questions than answers currently, like just how powerful this computer is, what the storage is like, how consumers will respond to it, and if this is the killer app to replace consoles once and for all. As CES officially kicks off in a matter of hours, we shouldn't have too long to go to find out. Hopefully. We already have Big Picture mode and Linux support on Steam, so why not a tiny Steam Box that can do both of those and be barely noticeable in your living room? If the price is right on this Steam Box (or whatever it's officially called), will you jump in without hesitation or is the possible console-ization of PC gaming a bad thing?

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