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OCZ to Show PCIe Vector SSD at CES

Category: Trade Shows/Conventions
Posted: 10:38AM

For anyone looking for the fastest performing storage solution, the answer is a solid state drive with its series of chips for storing data, instead of a spinning platter and moveable heads. Typically these are connected by a SATA port, but for those who need the most speed some PCIe connected SSDs can be found, such as the OCZ RevoDrive series. Now OCZ is getting ready to unveil a new PCIe SSD solution; the Vector PCIe SSD Series.

The Vector SSD series for SATA is one of the company's workstation or high-end consumer products with its high endurance and high speed. The PCIe variant improves on those standards thanks to the Indilinx Barefoot 3 controller, the increased bandwidth of the PCIe connection and other advancements. Together these features deliver the endurance and reliability for 100 GB host writes per day for five years (1826 days, counting one leap day) to Windows-based workstations, desktops, and even laptops in both full-height and half-height, 4 lane, PCIe Gen 2 formats.

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