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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Flightless

Category: Gaming
Posted: 05:35PM

Flightless is a puzzle platformer that ramps up the difficulty and complexity rather quickly. You control a duck who has had its wings clipped as punishment for stealing. Your task sounds simple enough – traverse a dungeon and collect enough gems to pay off your crimes. The catch is, you cannot jump or fly. Instead, you're equipped with a "magic ladder" that can be shot up or down from your body. Your ladder can collect gems for you, kill enemies, activate switches, bend around corners, or go through teleporters. Utilizing your ladder in these various ways is essential to progressing through the game.

The level design of the game allows you to tackle rooms in any order. That being said, certain rooms will only unlock after you collect a minimum number of gems, which isn't always the easiest thing to do. All puzzles in the game can be completed by one player, but calling upon a second player can often make some puzzles a bit easier. Simply press the number 2 on the keyboard and a second player slides into view via split-screen. Pressing 2 again (or 1) seamlessly brings it back to a single player. If you're a keyboard wiz, you can control both players yourself or you can recruit a friend for some local co-op action.

If you're unclear whether this game is for you, there's a fairly lengthy demo you can try out right in your browser. The demo contains 34 rooms for you to explore and 50 gems for you to collect. Just don't get too engrossed that you forget to vote this up on Greenlight.

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