Samsung to Demonstrate Flexible Screens at CES

EuroFight - December 21, 2012 01:29PM in Trade Shows/Conventions

Samsung Display is set to demonstrate two flexible screens during CES in Las Vegas, Nevada, next month. Samsung Display is a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, which is well known for its Android smartphones and tablets, as well as its range of TVs. It will not come as a surprise then, that the displays demonstrated will include a 5.5" screen at a 1280x720 resolution, as well as a 55" display. Both screens will be flexible, but will not roll-up.

The technology, when developed, will be 'unbreakable', and will free designers from the limitations of current flat screens, prompting a whole range of new designs that were previously impossible. Despite the promising development of this technology so far, it is far from release. Samsung Display must find a way to apply touch technology and develop a cover lens for the screen before rolling out the technology to the market.