Instagram Denies Having the Right to Sell Users' Photographs

EuroFight - December 19, 2012 11:34AM in Software

Popular photo sharing app Instagram yesterday announced a number of changes to its terms of service that sparked an uproar among users. The changes appeared to suggest that Instagram could use any images on its servers for advertising purposes without the user's knowledge or consent. Since then, Instagram has said the changes were made to allow businesses to pay the site to advertise the business' account to increase its following. Users who also follow the business' page may have their profile picture and name featured alongside the advertisment, similar to Facebook's 'Sponsored stories'

The changes, due to come into effect on the 16th of January 2013, were announced six months after Instagram was purchased by social networking site Facebook. Kevin Systrom, Instagram Chief Executive, has released a blog post that apologises for the misunderstanding, and claims Instagram is "working on updated language" to ensure the site's intentions remain clear in the document.