New Entanglement Technique Discovered

Guest_Jim_* - December 18, 2012 04:39PM in Science & Technology

With the discovery of quantum mechanics many new phenomena were added to humanity's toolbox, including entanglement and superposition. These two phenomena in particular are at the heart of quantum computers which will revolutionize computer modeling and more. Now researchers at the University of Calgary have discovered a new kind of entanglement which could open up new possibilities for future quantum technologies.

More traditional forms of quantum entanglement focus on the angular momentum or polarization, depending on the particle in mind, of two particles. This new method though uses three particles and is based on the position and momentum of photons. Such a setup should enable quantum data storage to be achieved with exotic atomic gases.

With such a different entanglement mechanism new kinds of technology and new approaches to currently envisioned technologies could be developed. The next step for the researchers is to find a way to combine this with the more conventional entanglement methods based on angular momentum.