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New Entanglement Technique Discovered

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 04:39PM

With the discovery of quantum mechanics many new phenomena were added to humanity's toolbox, including entanglement and superposition. These two phenomena in particular are at the heart of quantum computers which will revolutionize computer modeling and more. Now researchers at the University of Calgary have discovered a new kind of entanglement which could open up new possibilities for future quantum technologies.

More traditional forms of quantum entanglement focus on the angular momentum or polarization, depending on the particle in mind, of two particles. This new method though uses three particles and is based on the position and momentum of photons. Such a setup should enable quantum data storage to be achieved with exotic atomic gases.

With such a different entanglement mechanism new kinds of technology and new approaches to currently envisioned technologies could be developed. The next step for the researchers is to find a way to combine this with the more conventional entanglement methods based on angular momentum.

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Guest comment
Otto Krog on December 20, 2012 03:20AM
Quantum Mechanics is very spooky. That's for sure. The good old Bohr said, that if you didn't get dizzy of it, then you had not understood a word of anything in the observations. Quantum mechanics has for many years been used in new age to "prove" the existence of esp, paranormal activity, telepathy etc. ad infinitum, but those ideas are getting closer and closer to a scientific bluestamp. I have been a fan of Sir Roger Penrose of Oxford University for many years. He was the first scientist to say that consciousness should be found in the quantum field rather than in the brain. I am so much a fan, that I made my own theory out of the idea that consciousness might be explained through a better understanding of antimatter and parallel universes. My idea is that antimatter is the mirror of this universe, and that antimatter might be where memory is located. I think that the subconscious mind and consciousness are located in parallel universes in the form of antimatter. That makes the spirit and maybe even God all physical, so basically I could be said to be an atheist, even though I consider myself spiritual. If you would like to know more, then you can watch a full videopresentation of my theory on my blog: www.crestroy.com

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