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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Band of Drones

Category: Gaming
Posted: 06:38PM

Band of Drones is a turn-based sci-fi strategy game that leans heavily on squad tactics. The game tasks you with commanding a squad of six different drones, each with unique class specificants and special powers, and each able to be evolved and customized with new weapons or upgrades to their current weapons and powers. Band of Drones features a non-linear single player campaign spanning 20 missions over four scenarios, with various mission goals, such as "Assassination, Object Recovery, Military Escort, Destroy Structure, Protect Object, Purge and Withdraw." Across those missions, you'll be battling an alien race known as the Zentris, who have drones of their own.

While the single-player campaign seems like it will have some decent replayability, it's the level editor, mod support, and various multiplayer options that really make this game stand out. The level editor allows you to create your own levels for you and your friends to battle on and you can even design the look of your own drones (with an external program like Adobe Photoshop) and import them into your game. Then there's the multiplayer support, which features 2-4 player battles in both co-op and competitive flavors. There is even two-player local co-op!

There's not much more information available at this time, but the video below certainly shows a lot of attention to detail, which is certainly important in the strategy genre. With the recent success of XCOM: Enemy Unknown showing a strong interest in turn-based squad tactics gameplay, it seems the perfect time for a game like Band of Drones to burst onto the scene. Another check in the "Pro" column is Linux support. Developer Kiritsu Games also seems to be listening to customer feedback, as this game has actually been resubmitted to Greenlight with a whole new look based on customer feedback. But also based on customer feedback, a "Retro Look" option will be added to the options menu of the game so you can experience the game in its original pixelated glory.

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