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Hubble's Deepest Cosmic Survey Completed

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 07:45AM

Though time travel currently exists only in fiction, humanity does have the ability to view the past as far back as when the Universe was not even a billion years old. The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has recently completed a survey, led by researchers at the California Institute of Technology, that is its deepest yet at just 350-600 million years after the Big Bang. It has also shifted some positions of ancient galaxies and exposed more information of how the first galaxies formed.

After the big Bang, the Universe expanded rapidly and cooled enough for protons and electrons to bond and form hydrogen. Eventually this hydrogen collected together to form the first stars, which then reionized the hydrogen gas, but at the same time those stars collected together to form the first galaxies. Through all of this, the Universe has continued to expand, which enables us to determine the age of a galaxy by calculating the redshift of the spectra of light emitted by that ionized hydrogen cooling. The greater the redshift of the spectra, the farther the galaxy is. One of the galaxies caught in this survey was also the furthest galaxy yet observed at a redshift of 10, but according to the new survey it is even further at a redshift of 11.9.

Of course the survey did more than just set records as it also indicates that the first galaxies formed in a gradual process and not in one dramatic moment. Sadly Hubble may not be able to peer further back in time, due to its limitations, but its successor, the James Webb Telescope, is being built specifically for that purpose.

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wavettore on December 16, 2012 11:07AM
Contrary to what science still believes, at the time of the Big Bang there were no atoms but only waves carrying energy through the infinite Void. If we could view the Universe from outside, It would look like an egg-shaped cloud with winds running in perpetual motion inside of It. The energy is like those winds running at maximum speed and pushing out the borders of the Universe. The Universe continues to expand as the waves that travel at the border of the Universe have never encountered, nor will ever encounter, any interference from the Void. These waves will forever expand the Space of the Universe they create and leave behind. Wave-behavior relates to the medium in which the waves travel. Thus, wave-behavior at the border of the Universe is different than wave-behavior within the Universe. Inside the Universe, waves change their frequencies by colliding with other energy during their travel. These waves, because of the encountered interference, continue to transform part of their original energy in other forms. Waves travel gradually releasing heat, or amounts of energy, and their original short wavelengths, in time become longer and longer as they carry less and less energy than they did when they first started to travel. These waves lose energy releasing it in form of other waves with wavelengths longer than their own. For example, the gamma rays, over time, diminish their energy level (and their frequency) to become X rays, from X rays they will become ultraviolet and so on. The original quantum is not lost but distributed into other forms of energy through "spontaneous symmetry breaking". Once reached an almost flat longitude (and lower critical energy level) these waves solidify into hydrogen atoms breaking up their energy in opposite elements, like the split ends of a broken hair. When the hydrogen atoms are reached by the heat of other incoming waves they fuse together to create more complex forms of energy. The Creation of the Universe could be compared to a magnet hit by a hammer. Its energy is split in positive and negative charges like in a symmetry made of many fragmented elements. As for the Law of Attraction (Quantum mechanics), the elements with opposite charges are attracted to form a new magnetic field while those with the same charges instead reject one another. In fact, for example, if we were to try to recompose a broken magnet we would notice how the interaction among the magnetic fields sets precise distances in between those fragments. This is also the same mechanism that keeps the stars apart from each other. Imagine the Universe as a rolling ball expanding into the infinite Void and eternity of Time. From the inside, the ball seems to have crystal walls. They reflect everywhere the broken symmetries of all that is within. Elements of energy like many broken mirrors wandering suspended inside that crystal. When two opposite and complementary elements recognize each other (as for example, hydrogen and oxygen) they join to manifest a more complex form of energy (like water). But also a complex form of energy, like water, becomes attracted by the opposite dry seed to create an even more complex form of energy, like a plant. So, all forms of energy are also the elements of other more complex forms of energy. The most complex forms, like Mankind, identify with their surroundings but can also perceive the distant reality reflected by the crystal walls. The Universe is like one broken mirror formed by the symmetry of Its fragments. http://www.wavevolution.org/en/freethinking.html http://www.wikinfo.org/Multilingual/index.php/Wavevolution

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