Google's Eric Schmidt Says Company's Fiber 'Isn't Just an Experiment'

bp9801 - December 12, 2012 09:38PM in General News

Google Fiber has been in the news some over the past month, with the recent rollout to Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri, plus the Netflix ISP rankings. So far, the blazing fast Internet connection is only in the Kansas City area, but you may want to hold off on checking out the real estate listings. Google's executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, said earlier today the Internet service "isn't just an experiment, it's a real business and we're trying to decide where to expand next." Unfortunately, he didn't elaborate on possible expansion cities, but it is good to see the company hopes to turn Google Fiber into something more. I'm sure a great many people would be more than happy to have Google Fiber as their ISP, so hopefully the folks in Mountain View can provide more details before long.