Facebook Affects Self-Esteem

Guest_Jim_* - December 17, 2012 07:30AM in Science & Technology

The most common use of Facebook is keeping in touch with good friends that are otherwise hard to communicate with. Such focus on friends though could have negative consequences. At least that is the result to be published in the Journal of Consumer Research.

When the researchers examined the effects of Facebook on its users it found that those who most strongly focused on their friends while on the social media site had their self-esteem grow the most. The catch is that high self-esteem can lead to poor choices, such as eating less healthy food and incurring more credit card debt. At least the increase in self-esteem did not last long after leaving the site.

This research brings up concerns for the adolescents and young adults who are the heaviest users of social media. The constant inflation of self-esteem could potentially affect their self-control, which is important for personal well-being.