Mac Mini Display Flickering Issue Fixed with Firmware Update

EuroFight - December 11, 2012 03:48PM in Manufacturers

A firmware update has been released to correct a number of display flickering issues that arose in late November on many Apple Mac Mini devices. The problem was initially blamed on faulty Intel HD4000 graphics drivers. Intel made a statement on the issue that sparked a number of rumors that the issue was driver-based. Since then, Apple has released a firmware update that has resolved the display flickering issue on these devices.

The issue is said to have only affected a small number of machines but only occurred when they were connected to an HDMI output as DisplayPort outputs were unaffected. All users still experiencing the issue simply need to download the update through the 'Software Update' dialog, and the system will automatically install it and reboot the system. For those who wish to manually install the update, a download is available through the Support section of the Apple site.