Intel Will Not Abandon Socketed CPU Market... Yet

EuroFight - December 6, 2012 12:53PM in CPU's

A report was recently published that suggested processor manufacturer Intel may move away from LGA-based processors and move towards BGA-based processors for the consumer market. LGA processors have a socket, so the CPU can be removed from the motherboard and replaced or upgraded, whereas BGA processors are soldered directly to the motherboard itself, which would make processors very difficult to upgrade. This sparked an outcry among PC enthusiasts who often choose to upgrade processors instead of changing an entire motherboard. BGA processors do offer many advantages, including reduced power consumption and heat output, as well as a smaller die size.

Initially, Intel did not respond to the report, but rival AMD stated that it had no plans to abandon socketed processors in the near future. More recently, however, Intel has responded by saying that it has no plans to replace socketed processors with BGA packages, which will come as a relief to PC enthusiasts everywhere. The official statement from Intel spokesman Daniel Snyder does state that Intel "cannot comment on specific long-term product roadmap plans".