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NVIDIA's GeForce Experience Enters Closed Beta

Category: Gaming
Posted: 11:25AM

NVIDIA has today announced the closed beta of the GeForce Experience, a free piece of software designed specifically to help gamers manage the more technical side of computer gaming. The software was announced along with the GTX 690 in April this year. The current closed beta release has the ability to automate the process of updating graphics drivers and detect the system configuration to automatically set in-game graphics settings. These two tasks are often time consuming and tedious when trying to settle down to play a new game, so NVIDIA hopes the release of the GeForce Experience will help alleviate the annoyance of these tasks.

The first function of the software, keeping software drivers up-to-date, has been a major shortfall of most previous graphical software, and it is surprising another company has not tried this before. The process is fairly simple: the software checks on a remote server for any new driver updates and downloads them as required. The second function, automating the task of modifying in-game detail settings, however is a much more complex task. NVIDIA have approached this in a more time consuming manner through having testers play each game at various detail settings and analyzing the results to obtain the ideal settings for a specific configuration. This software is still in the early stages of the closed beta, so it will be a while before we see this software available for download, but when the software is eventually released it should make the technical side of gaming much easier.

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