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Intel Capable of Producing Chips in 14nm Tech within 2 Years

Category: CPU's
Posted: 06:27AM

It will take Intel around two years to manufacture processors in 18-inch diameter wafers using the 14 nanometer silicon fabrication process, said its chief technology officer Justin Rattner. The CTO elaborates that this will be made possible as development between the technology and machinery that will make it happen steadily inches closer to completion. With that said, Rattner adds that the rate at which Intel pursues these advances will extend Moore's Law by 10 more years. The latter part of 2013 will see Intel starting its 14nm CPU production with batches of the P1272 and P1273 SoCs. Once 14nm becomes more mainstream, Intel will head further on into 10nm, 7nm, and 5nm manufacturing processes, which should begin by 2015.

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