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New Contender in the Lighting Industry

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 06:02PM

The electric light bulb is easily one of the, if not the most important piece of technology ever developed. It enables people to continue working into the night or a dark environment without hazardous lamps. Since the technology was first developed, it has been reinvented multiple times to give us a variety of lighting solutions, from the traditional incandescent to the new fluorescent and still newer LED. Now researchers at Wake Forest University have developed yet another lighting technology based on Field-Induced Polymer ELectroluminescence (FIPEL).

The light itself is made of a polymer matrix consisting of three layers of a white-emitting plastic and some nanomaterials mixed in. This combination enables it to produce white light similar to that we receive from the Sun, as opposed to the slightly yellow light of fluorescents and slightly blue of LEDs. In terms of efficiency, this technology reaches to that of LEDs; more than twice as efficient as compact fluorescent lights. Being made out of plastic, this material can be produce into a multitude of shapes including those needed for light a house or some specialty purpose.

Currently the researchers are working with a manufacturer to bring these to market as soon as next year. When that happens the product will not only lighten up your life, but also do so more safely, as the technology does not use hazardous materials, like those in fluorescent bulbs.

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Guest comment
Tek Nozen on December 3, 2012 08:31PM
Heavens-to-Betsy! What next? Horse carriages? Why Google News picked-up this item apparently from the newsletter of some mentally-challenged hobbyist group is a great mystery. Nonetheless, somebody needs to go check up on old "Guest_Jim_*'s" cocoon because he seems to have snoozed through an entire century when he breathlessly wheezes about "the new fluorescent" lights. Hey, Jim! Wake-up, old fella! Fluorescent light was discovered in the Mid-19th Century and was in commercial applications by the early 1900's. Sorry, Jim, NOT so new. You wouldn't believe some of the other stuff that's happened, too. SOME folks even claim they walked on the moon, but then again, there's some wild going-ons out there on the Intertubes, and you gotta be careful not to believe EVERYTHING. But trust me on this one. Fluorescence is a very OLD story, roughly the same vintage as incandescence. Take a look at this if you don't believe me: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fluorescent_lamp
Nephilumos on December 3, 2012 08:38PM
Reading comprehension fail, check. Yahoo! News quality commenting, check. Trollololololololololol, check. You seem to have all the makings of a great politician. I think you should pursue that course of action. Not that you're going to read this, but his article isn't about fluorescent light bulbs. Field-Induced Polymer Electroluminescence != Fluorescent Fail of the week awar goes to you, Tek Nozen.
Nephilumos on December 3, 2012 08:39PM
Also, he used new in a relative sense.
Guest comment
Chris Hernandez on December 3, 2012 08:47PM
Hey Tek Nozen, get a grip man. Compact Flourescent Lighting has only been commercialized for the past 30 years or so but really gained popularity after the mandate to do away with incandescent lights. So give it a break. Just because you can spew forth some facts you found on the web does not make you a well researched critic. So cut the guy some slack and crawl back into your corner of the room and play with your MAC wannabe self.
Guest comment
The Melling on December 3, 2012 09:59PM
Hey Tek, sorry to pull teacher rank, but you need to learn to read. This article is about Field-Induced Polymer Electroluminescence (FIPEL).
Guest comment
Anon on December 4, 2012 02:50AM
Though I do enjoy seeing these types of news updates from Guest_Jim_*, I have to admit that his writing style is a bit lacking. For example: "The electric light bulb is easily one of the, if not the most important piece of technology ever developed." could be: "The electric light bulb is easily one of the most important pieces of technology ever developed." I feel the original sentence causes the reader to 'stumble' over it, while the revised is much simpler and easy to read. Perhaps get someone else to read the posts first?
venomoc on December 8, 2012 07:53AM
I quite like his style, maybe you're just a simpleton?
masterbinky on December 4, 2012 03:30PM
This is how inventions work. It isn’t a completely new concept, it’s a refinement of a previous concept. It also shows how broke our patent system is. This is a certified Bad-ASS electroluminescent Wire with a small twist. Luckily ‘electrically induced luminescence with an alternating current’ isn’t patented, or else this would never see the…light of day…*smirk*

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