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Sapphire Brings Vapor-X Cooling Technology to Processors

Category: Cooling
Posted: 03:34PM

Graphics card manufacturer Sapphire has recently released its first CPU cooler, based on its existing Vapor-X technology that places a liquid-filled chamber "in direct contact with the CPU surface" enabling heat to be transferred more effectively. The cooler uses four 7mm heatpipes combined with aluminum cooling fins to dissipate the heat effectively. Two 120mm fans, similar to those used in the Sapphire Dual-X series of graphics cards, help maintain airflow around the heatsink to ensure optimum heat dissipation.

The cooler is suitable for CPUs with a TDP of up to 200W, and supports a wide range of sockets most notably Intel LGA755, 1155/6 and 2011, and AMD AM2/+ AM3/+ as well as APU sockets FM1 and FM2. The fans are powered by a single 4-pin splitter that connects to the fans' individual power cables to keep things cool and quiet. The design also incorporates blue LEDs for those looking for their CPU cooler to keep the chip cool while remaining looking cool itself. The cooler is available now from $69.

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