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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Orc Attack

Category: Gaming
Posted: 09:49PM

Orc Attack is a third-person co-op brawler where you control one of the titular orcs on a journey to destroy the evil humans that have invaded your land. To aid you in your quest, you can join forces with up to three friends in local and online multiplayer. We don't have many co-op brawlers on the PC, but that's not the only thing that makes the game stand out – it also features generous helpings of burping and farting.

While you'll be engaging in your fair share of melee combat with various weaponry, your "magical attacks" in Dirty Mode are various burps and farts, depending on the orc you choose. When you play for the first time, you'll get to choose among four orcs: green, red, blue, and yellow. The green orc has an acid burp and explosive fart, the red orc has a fire burp and explosive fart, the blue orc has a stone burp and double fart, and the yellow orc has a ice burp and healing fart. Eventually you'll unlock an additional four orcs, but there are no details on their abilities. For those that aren't so keen on depicting flatulence in video games, there's Magic Mode, which is completely gas-free. The game features 25 missions over four campaigns, with over 30 enemy types, including bosses.

If you've ever wanted to join forces with some friends and kill enemies with burps and farts, Orc Attack is certainly the game for you. Even if that latter doesn't appeal to you, the game looks like a promising 3D co-op brawler. In addition to the game being on Greenlight, there is also a Kickstarter campaign currently under way, with just seven days left. Pledging at least £8 (approximately $13 USD) allows you to choose whether you'd like a digital copy for the PC, XBLA, or PSN. Of course there are a lot of other rewards as well, so check out the Kickstarter page, but don't forget to also vote for the game on Greenlight regardless of whether you pledge or not! OCC's image servers are apparently still down, but the official site has a lot more screenshots.

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