Microsoft Security Essentials Loses AV-TEST Certification

Onion - November 30, 2012 10:48AM in Software

For the second time since its creation, Microsoft Security Essentials has lost the AV-TEST seal of approval, having failed the firm's latest bimonthly test. Out of the 24 antivirus solutions tested on a Windows 7 machine, MSE was the only one to not pass the test. To meet the AV-TEST certification requirements, antivirus software is tested on three parameters: "protection", "repair", and "useability". There are a maximum of six points to be awarded for each attribute, giving an antivirus a maximum potential score of 18 points. In order for an antivirus to be AV-TEST certified, it must obtain a minimum of 11 points. Microsoft Security Essentials only managed to get 10.5 points, barely missing the minimum requirement for the certification. MSE was awarded 1.5 points for protection, the lowest score of all 24 tested antivirus software, 3.5 points for repair, and 5.5 for useability.