Minecraft: Pocket Edition to be Officially Released to the Raspberry Pi

EuroFight - November 27, 2012 02:52PM in Gaming

Some of you may have heard about the Raspberry Pi, a Linux-based computer the size of a credit card. The device, developed at the University of Cambridge in the UK, features an 800MHz processor and 512MB of RAM, and is capable of running a range of operating systems from Ubuntu to the recently ported Chromium OS. What's more, the device is available for under $70, making it very popular with many tech-orientated users.

Today, yet another corporation has announced it will be releasing its software to the Raspberry Pi and no, this time it's not some weird accounting software you've never heard of. The Minecraft: Pocket Edition will be officially coming to the Raspberry Pi and will be available for no charge. Mojang, the developer of the game, promises porting its game to the Raspberry Pi makes the possibility of anything from cheap LAN parties to learning basic Java programming possible with the game.