Mozilla Halts Progress on 64-bit Firefox for Windows

bp9801 - November 27, 2012 01:21AM in Internet

Well, this isn't exactly the best news for some people, but it is what it is. Mozilla has halted progress on its 64-bit Firefox for Windows due to issues with add-ons and a low project priority. A developer with consulting firm Mozdev (and contributor to the 64-bit Firefox) said progress could be halted for some time and to not argue about it on Bugzilla, the bug and change-tracking database. Firefox's Nightly channel, which was for the 64-bit version, hadn't received any updates in months, and probably won't throughtout 2013. About 50% of Mozilla's Windows users were estimated to use the Nightly build, but the bugs and add-on incompatibilty meant it isn't a priority. Firefox's director, Asa Dotzler, said there eventually will be a 64-bit Firefox, but right now the company is working on other projects, like the Windows 8 app for Firefox.