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Steam Greenlight Spotlight: Grimind

Category: Gaming
Posted: 10:30PM

Grimind is a 2D horror platformer that may remind you a bit of Limbo. But don't be fooled – this is no Limbo clone. Sure it's a 2D platformer, black dominates the screen, and you will surely die a lot until you figure out what you have to do, but there's more beneath the surface, including a bit a color. Grimind puts you in control of some sort of creature lost in "forgotten caves and ancient crypts" with no memory of who or where it is. Of course, with it being a horror game, you're not exactly alone. The horror theme is certainly prevalent throughout the game, with a creepy atmosphere, fitting audio, and creatures that come out of no where to devour you. In fact, when you first fire up the game, you're greeted with the following message:

Attention: this game is preferred to play in dark room, at night with headphones to maximize experiences. Be careful, explore everywhere, don't die, have "fun"

If you like those type of experiences, you should definitely download the demo and try it out for yourself. You may have also noticed that the aforementioned quote isn't exactly perfect English. Developer Pawel Mogila is a Polish computer science student and though the in-game credits implies help with the translation, you'll likely notice quite a few errors. Of course if you're fluent with Polish, you can always switch to that. But that's really the game's only con and the overall feel of the game doesn't suffer because of it. The platforming elements are as you'd expect, there are physics and logic puzzles to challenge the mind, and there are quite a few instances that require quick thinking and quick reflexes. The demo features the first two chapters, with the full game featuring fifteen. Unfortunately OCC's image servers are having some technical difficulties, so I cannot upload the screenshots, but you can check them out on the Greenlight page, or simply watch the trailer below.

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