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AMD Piledriver to Steal Bulldozer's Overclocking Crown

Category: CPU's
Posted: 02:13PM

Overclocking has become much more popular and accessible in recent years, not only for professional overclockers, but also for PC enthusiasts, with the world record being pushed higher and higher. The current record is held by an AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 running at 8,709.06MHz using liquid nitrogen cooling. Very few of even the most aspiring PC enthusiasts could hope to get even close to this value, even with the best watercooling gear and especially for sustained periods of time. 

Having said that, AMD’s new Piledriver core is getting very close to its Bulldozer counterpart, with the record set by an FX-8350 currently at 8,470.74MHz. The new Piledriver core, although still on a 32nm die, is no longer drawn by hand, which AMD claim provides the boost that generally accompanies a process shrink. This should in theory provide more overclocking headroom for professional overclockers and PC enthusiasts alike, so we can expect the FX-8150’s crown to be contested soon enough.

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