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Examining Why Bloggers Blog

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 06:38PM

One of the wonderful things about the Internet is that anyone with Internet access can add to the system. A well-known way to do this is with a blog where you can write whatever you want, whether it is news or personal experiences. Researchers at Penn State decided to investigate this though because for the majority of bloggers there is no monetary incentive and no claim-to-fame through them. Why do people keep blogging?

The answer is perhaps not too surprising; it is empowering. The researchers surveyed 340 female bloggers about their activities and sense of empowerment, and later had two groups of over 100 female college students start blogs the researchers then manipulated the stats and comments for. In both scenarios the more comments and views the greater the sense of empowerment the bloggers felt. If they were writing about personal experiences, the empowerment gave them a stronger sense of community, while writing about external issues made them feel more confident.

This empowerment is what the researchers believe rewards bloggers enough so they keep blogging, so devising better ways to present the information to the blogger should help them derive meaning from it. Why did the researchers only consider women bloggers? Apparently women are more active bloggers, as they start more and abandon them less. The researchers believe the conclusions are valid for both sexes though, as they see no reason they should not be.

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