Non-Reversing Mirror Developed and On Display

Guest_Jim_* - November 22, 2012 11:53AM in Science & Technology

As though people who forget what right and left are had it hard enough already, now they may not even be able to trust the mirrors around them are not tricking them. Researchers at Drexel University have invented a mirror that does not reverse images it reflects.

How is this accomplished? It is not by magic but mathematics (though at times they are one-and-the-same). The surface of the mirror has been carefully manipulated so the light that reflects off of it bounces back without being reversed. This is similar to how the blind-spot-less rearview mirror the same researchers patented earlier this year functions.

Exactly how this mirror may be used, aside from being displayed in art exhibits, like it is now, is not yet clear. It is definitely an interesting novelty and would make a great toy, but no practical applications have yet been devised.