AMD Supercomputer Reaches Number Two on Green500 List

CheeseMan42 - November 15, 2012 06:36PM in General News

As part of a recent effort with the University of Frankfurt's Institute for Advanced Studies, a new supercomputer has been created that is based on the new AMD FirePro S100000 GPU. The SANAM supercomputer features 420 of the dual-GPU cards and is capable of 420 teraflops of computing power at a rate of 2.3 gigaflops per watt of power used. This helped to land the SANAM at second place on the Green500 List of energy efficient supercomputers. AMD senior fellow and chief product architect John Gustafson said "The SANAM supercomputer, equipped with AMD FirePro S10000 GPUs based on our Graphics Core Next Architecture, consumes a mere 180 kilowatts of power while running, which is incredibly low for a supercomputer. With solutions like the FirePro S10000 along with innovative software from AMD and technology partners like AccelerEyes, CAPS Entreprise and PGI we enable institutions engaged in cutting-edge research, like the University's work in quantum chromodynamics, to achieve massive compute performance and processor density, while staying within their power budget."