Apple and HTC Sign 10 Year Patent Agreement

EuroFight - November 12, 2012 10:47AM in Copyright Infringers

This Saturday, tech giant Apple and smartphone manufacturer HTC formulated a 10 year patent truce which includes dismissal of all current lawsuits currently held accross the globe. Unfortunately, there is not much to be said beyond the official statement, as the terms of this agreement are confidential. This agreement concludes the two year patent war first started by Apple in 2010.

The agreement is said to cover all current and future patents made by both companies, with official statements made by the company CEOs. Both statements make it clear that the companies can now focus on product development instead of the legal battles that have plagued the relationship between the two over the past couple of years.

It would be great to see other companies take a leaf out of these tech giants’ books. We could begin to see agreements between more and more companies, allowing peace and harmony to once again return to the tech world.