Grand Theft Auto V Hinted for a Spring 2013 Release

edwardquilo - October 29, 2012 05:39AM in Gaming

Polish gaming site has the release schedule of Rockstar's hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V nailed down to Spring 2013, although this is still speculation until other sources confirm a solid date. The date stems from uploaded images of what is purportedly promotional images of GTA V, just several days after Rockstar unveiled an official game artwork titled Pest Control, the latter of which may refer more towards a violent heist than insect extermination. While lucky Game Informer staff got treated to a early preview that readers can probably access on its upcoming December issue, Rockstar North also promised to publicly reveal more information about the game next month. 

In other GTA-related news, it's now a decade since Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was released last October 29, 2002, and Rockstar is celebrating the 10th anniversary with some groovy extras including an anniversary trailer, music from the game and promotional items that will soon be available on the Rockstar Warehouse. A mobile version of GTA: Vice City will also be out sometime this fall, and will be compatible with select iOS and Android devices.