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Technology Linked to Poor Sleep and Obesity Amongst Kids

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 01:15PM

Sleep is an important part of one's routine as it affects almost every aspect of one's life. That is why there are recommendations for how much sleep everyone should get each day and why parents give children bedtimes. Despite those efforts though, many people sleep less than they should as they instead stay up late watching something on the TV, playing a video game, or some other activity. Now researchers at the University of Alberta have found a link for children between their technology use and sleep patterns which can impact their obesity risk.

Many children have an array of gadgets in their bedrooms, such as a television, game console, and computer. Of those surveyed by the researchers, half had a TV with DVD player or game console connected, 21% had a computer, 17% had a cellphone, and 5% had all three. Over half of all the grade 5 children reported using these electronics when they should have been asleep in bed. Those children with a single device in their room were 1.47 times more likely to become obese than those who had none, and those children with three devices were 2.57 times more likely.

The purpose of this research is to show how important it is to encourage healthy habits in children, such as getting an appropriate amount of sleep. With more sources of distraction being developed and made accessible to everyone, the need to form these healthy habits at a young age has never been greater.

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