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Concept Art Shown and More Details Revealed for Dragon Age III: Inquisition

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Posted: 10:55PM

Last month, BioWare officially announced Dragon Age III: Inquisition, the triquel to the stellar Dragon Age: Origins. The sequel, Dragon Age 2, failed to live up to the first in the eyes of many, but DA3 should correct much of that. At the time, BioWare did not disclose a ton of information on DA3 other than saying it'll run on the Frostbite 2 engine, more customization, and has been worked on for the past two years. Now, however, we have a little bit of new info courtesy of the recent Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo, plus some concept art. Some of the developers revealed that Dragon Age III: Inquisition stars a human character, just like DA2, but will have different backgrounds to choose from to get a more diverse story direction. Mike Laidlaw, the game's creative director, tweeted future DA games may have other playable races, but DA3 is strictly human. A departure from DAO, but at least we can select a unique background.

DA3 is said to have more customization options than Origins, including for the followers, although specifics were not revealed at this time. Characters can control "an entire castle," like the one shown in the concept art below. Perhaps the best piece of news is that one level of DA3 is bigger than every stage in DA2 combined. Hopefully that also means a lot more variety and not copy-paste, but we'll have to see. Series writer David Gaider is back to write the game's story, and the developers are looking into new ways to bring past choices into DA3 other than importing save data. Flemeth may also return, as well as some other characters from past games, but BioWare wasn't revealing much.

Dragon Age III: Inquisition is expected to arrive next fall, however platforms are still unannounced.

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