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New Nanostructure Assembly Method Developed

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 11:08AM

Building nanostructures is very tricky because the means by which you would build something with your hands cannot be translated to this smaller scale. This has led to researchers developing very clever means to attach simple nanostructures into complex ones. Now researchers at the University of Florida have found another way to accomplish this, but for nanorods which could not previously be assembled in a controlled manner.

To achieve this controlled assembly, the researchers use multiple liquids which react to different portions of the nanorods. These reactions would push the nanorods into their places to create complex nanostructures. During the study, the researchers used two different treatments on the nanorods, which created two different nanostructures, with one of them being something they had not seen before. The other structure was less complex and they were able to grow it into a polarized film which could be used to improve the efficiency of polarized LEDs.

It is hard to predict what may come of this research as all the possible nanostructures that can be made from nanorods have yet to be considered. All that can be known for certain at this point is this will lead to new materials with new properties that come from the collective properties of the nanorods in them.

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