Thousands of Games Accidentally Given Away by EA

edwardquilo - October 15, 2012 07:17AM in Gaming

Frugal gamers got the weekend of their lives courtesy of a glitch in Electronic Art's discount code, which was originally meant as a reward for those who participated in EA's online surveys. But as Reddit was quick to announce, the code turned out to be usable by anyone - not just those who took the time to do the surveys, and allowed for the downloading of an unlimited number of EA's games marked at $20. Some shrewd individuals even managed to bypass the code's single download per account rule through cookie deletions and retrying the code, along with using it on EA's website and the Origin app. The discount code has since been terminated but not before thousands of free titles were raked in by lucky gamers, which led to speculation that EA may punish those who took advantage of the loophole. Fortunately for everyone who joined in on the download frenzy, the publisher has since confirmed that all successful transactions stemming from the code would be honored.