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Huge Stretch Goals Added for Project Eternity, Plus a Look at the Game's Lore

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Posted: 10:10PM

Project Eternity's Kickstarter is winding down, with only four days to go before the funding is complete. So far, Obsidian's planned RPG has rasied more than $2.7 million from over 57,000 backers, with the potential to be a lot higher once the Paypal numbers are released. To help see just how high the donations can go, Obsidian has unveiled two large stretch goals for Project Eternity; the first unlocks at $3 million and the second at $3.5 million. The $3m goal adds a stronghold that players can control, complete with surrounding lands to customize, unique quests to go on, and even engage in some small strategic gameplay. The stronghold would be in addition to the player home added by the $2 million stretch goal, so it'll be interesting to see if the $3m one is reached.

If Project Eternity reaches $3.5 million, Obsidian will add a second "big city" for players to explore. There is already one big city in the game, but the $3.5m stretch goal would ensure another is added. These cities are on the scale of Baldur's Gate (42,000+ people), with multiple maps, and a large number of interiors, characters, and quests.

Obsidian Entertainment also talked about some of the lore in Project Eternity, with a focus on the people, places, and things we can encounter. A little bit of everything is covered, from the ancient elven kingdom of Eir Glanfath to the Vailian race and the independent nation called the Free Palatiante of Dyrwood. There is a little too much to cover here in this article, so I suggest hitting up the source to read all about it. People can also add an extra $15 to their pledge to receive a PDF file of the Campaign Almanac that includes all the lore information and more. The Almanac is included in all tiers $50 and higher.

An image has also been released of the game's first environment, which is available in a 1920x1080 or 2560x1440 wallpaper. The maps are made in a similar approach to the ones from the Infinity Engine games Obsidian use to make, with a 3D level rendered in 2D and then painted before going into the game. It's an old school approach, but as you can see below, it still works wonderfully, especially with over a decade of hardware advancement.

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