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Creator of Wing Commander Announces Star Citizen - New Open-World Space Combat Sim

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Posted: 01:59PM

Chris Roberts, the man behind the Wing Commander series and Freelancer, is back at it again with a new space simulation. Roberts is calling his new game Star Citizen, which is a multiplayer, persistent-universe, space combat sim being built on CryENGINE 3. It also has a single player component called Squadron 42, which you can check out in the trailer below. Squadron 42 delivers an experience similar to Wing Commander, with your multiplayer character going through a campaign. Friends can join in via co-op, so you don't have to go completely alone if you do not want to. The feature list for both the single player and multiplayer parts continue to grow, with pretty much anything that Roberts can think of being included.

Star Citizen is aiming to do multiplayer space combat right. You can fly by yourself, crew a ship together with friends, create a squadron, participate in an open and dynamic trade economy, hijack enemy ships or be hijacked, damage specific locations on a ship, launch a fighter craft from within a larger one, and more from a seemingly never-ending list. The game will support a mouse, gamepad, joystick, and even VR headsets, feature a bare minimum of 64 players in a single area, allow for mods, create and sell content (splitting revenue with the developer), and plenty of other features.

The footage in the trailer was created using an NVIDIA GTX 670, which will be two years old by the time Star Citizen launches. It looks impressive already, and when you factor in upcoming hardware, this game will make anyone without a gaming PC drool with desire. A playable version of Star Citizen is planned to launch around this time next year to give gamers a chance to dogfight each other, with the complete game arriving in 2014. A 50 star system map is planned for the full version, with more systems being added over time. Star Citizen won't be free-to-play or pay-to-win, but things can be purchased in the game. Roberts likens it to Guild Wars, with an initial purchase price and paid content. There will more than likely be limits to how much you can spend in a month, so richer gamers cannot break the system.

Star Citizen is a crowdfunded game, however it is not on Kickstarter. People instead need to head to the Roberts Space Industries website to check out the various pledges and rewards to help get the game off the ground. Currently the website points to a backup version due to overwhelming demand, but you can still donate on that version.

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