Walking Dead Episode 4 Shambles to October 10 Release Date for PC

edwardquilo - October 9, 2012 05:03AM in Gaming

Telltale now has a solid release date for The Walking Dead Episode Four - Around Every Corner, and thankfully, it's coming even sooner than expected. The latest installment will be available to PSN October 9 and to XBLA, PC and Mac on October 10 in North America. To prepare gamers for the onslaught of Episode 4, the devs also released a video follow up to Playing Dead, which navigates through what goes on in each episode. The source material never shied away from killing off main characters, and Telltale's Episode 3 saw some pretty intense moments that had a significantly higher body count than previous episodes. If you've played through the last chapter, Telltale's Eric Parsons and Harrison Pink offers some context as to why Long Road Ahead dealt with the untimely demise of many characters. For those interested but haven't yet experienced Episode 3, tread lightly as major plot points will be revealed in the video below.