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Artificial Corneas Created

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 04:12PM

More and more parts of the body are having equivalent prosthetics made that will return last abilities to a great many people. Now researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research have created an artificial cornea for patients in need of transplants, or unable to accept donor corneas.

The cornea is a clear lens at the front of the eye that both protects the eye and provides a great deal of its focusing power. It can be damaged by traumatic injury or disease, and these injuries can greatly affect a patient's vision. Artificial corneas could be used to return lost vision to the patients without having to find a donor cornea. Also, as the artificial corneas are made of biologically inert materials, the body will not attack them as though they were infection.

The researchers have already tested the corneas in rabbits which suffered no irritation and the corneas remained firmly anchored where they needed to be. Exactly when these may be used on human patients is hard to say, but ArtCornea® has been trademarked by the researchers in preparation.

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