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Mass Effect 3: Retaliation DLC Sees the Return of The Collectors

Category: Gaming
Posted: 07:55PM

Mike Gamble's tweet about "future...things" certainly did not wait long to be revealed, as a new, free multiplayer DLC is on the way for Mass Effect 3 when Retaliation arrives next week. The Collectors, the bug-like enemy from Mass Effect 2, have returned, as players have to square off against the Praetorian, Scion, Abomination, Trooper, and Captain. The Collectors are just as disturbing as before, but luckily there are some co-op friends to help defeat them. Cerberus and Geth forces have also been bolstered, as Cerberus adds the Dragoon and Geth the Drones to make battles that much tougher. New characters have been added to defeat all these new enemies, as the Turian Havoc Soldier and Ghost Infiltrator are just the first two of many joining the party. Six maps have been upgraded to a "Hazard" status, with different environmental hazards and traps shaking things up. The Firebases will be on a rotating basis for the hazards, so you never know what to expect.

The Retaliation DLC also adds new weapons, upgrades, and a challenge feature that rewards players with points for completing different goals. These can be from using a certain power or weapon enough to gain points, which you can use on new titles and banners in multiplayer. Challenge points can also unlock certain items, like weapons and characters, so it pays to experiment. As is the norm with ME3's multiplayer DLC, characters, weapons, and more need to be unlocked to enjoy. Mass Effect 3: Retaliation arrives for the PC, PS3, and 360 on October 9 (European PS3 users on October 10).

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