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Program to Train Engineers to Develop Recyclable Medical Devices Created

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 06:10AM

If you look through our Forums here at Overclockers Club or visit computer stores, it is not uncommon to find used parts for sale. Provided they operate correctly, these parts can represent a pretty good deal for the consumer who does not require a new, retail item. Electronics are not the only field where devices are resold and now Clemson University has a certificate program for recycling and reprocessing medical devices.

When first hearing about recycled medical devices, you may be thinking of the number of diseases these devices could carry on them, but defeating those issues is actually the point of the program. Already there are companies that are regulated by the FDA to take some medical devices to sterilize and resell them to hospitals, at a much lower cost. This saves the hospitals money and keeps the products out of landfills. What the certification program aims to do is train engineers who are going to be designing new medical devices to design them with reprocessing in mind, instead of making them disposable after a single use.

Devices that can already be reprocessed include some used for endoscopic surgeries, which use a probe to perform the surgery with a minimal incision. Non-invasive products can also be reprocessed, instead of being thrown out, such as pulse oximetry sensors; those devices that clip to a patient's finger to collect oxygen levels in the blood.

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