GRID 2 Trailer Features Raw Pre-Alpa Footage, Still Looks Great

bp9801 - September 28, 2012 02:14AM in Gaming

Codemasters' GRID 2 was announced at the beginning of August, but nothing much has come out since then. However, this weekend the game is being shown at the Eurogamer Expo in London, England, and luckily some video has been posted from the event. Two gameplay clips of GRID 2 feature raw pre-alpha footage of some races, but that does not stop the game from looking terrific already. The first clip, seen below, is of a duel on the California Coast between a modern Boss Mustang and a classic Mustang Mach 1. The road is filled with twists and turns as the racers speed through forests and scenic vistas. The second clip, seen here, features a Chicago Street Race between a Camaro SS, Corvette Z06, and another Boss Mustang. Chicago's skyscrapers, 'L' train tracks, and tunnels are captured in stunning detail, even in this pre-alpha stage.

A lot of work still remains on GRID 2, but it's nice seeing the progress made so far. Eurogamer Expo attendees can enjoy checking it out this weekend, while everyone else has to wait until GRID 2 arrives next summer.