Blizzard Looking at Free-to-Play Option for StarCraft II Multiplayer

edwardquilo - September 24, 2012 07:37AM in Gaming

StarCraft II might one day have a free-to-play multiplayer mode enabled, which was hinted at by Blizzard lead designer Dustin Browder during the Valencia eSports Congress. There aren't much details to go on, although Browder disclosed that they are "looking at free to play as an option for the multiplayer." This won't be happening anytime soon, as Browder has some concerns over going the free-to-play route. "We don't know how we would monetize it," he admits. "While it might be good fun for me to play against someone with only half the units available to them, that's not going to be an enjoyable experience for them." Making StarCraft II more accessible to all will surely generate a ton of new players, although we'll have to wait until Blizzard irons out all the F2P creases. Meanwhile, a few lucky participants got the chance earlier this month to try out the beta for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm.