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Iran to Transition to Internal Internet

Category: General News
Posted: 06:24AM

A current matter for debate in many nations is the securing of an open Internet. At its most basic, one of the principals of an open Internet is that no content may be censored, unless it is explicitly in violation of a law. Not all connected nations are in support of such openness though and now the government of Iran has declared its intention to take a drastic step towards censoring the Internet within its borders.

As reported by Reuters, the Iranian government intends to transition their citizenship to an internal, government controlled network by March of next year. This network has already been deployed for the government's own computers and it is currently unknown how or if this national network will interface with the larger Internet. Few facts were given when this plan was announced, though it was also declared at the time that access to Google's search engine and email would be blocked "within a few hours."

If this plan does go through, regardless of how the network connects to the Internet, the Iranian government will have great control over what is and is not accessible by the Iranian people. Currently clever tricks, such as using a VPN, can get around some filters but it will likely be harder to employ them on a government controlled network.

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