GOG.com Launches the Atari All-Stars Weekend Promo

bp9801 - September 21, 2012 02:01PM in Gaming

GOG.com has another great weekend of classic video games on sale, which are sure to bring back plenty of memories. The Atari All-Stars weekend promo features 26 games discounted at 60% off. Yes, you read that right, every single game in the promo is 60% off. Maybe you want to pick up Master of Orion 1 + 2 to dominate the galaxy, or get lost in the colorful world of Silver, which is Europe's answer to JRPGs. Total Annihilation: Commander Pack, which includes both expansions, allows you to command vast armies in an RTS that bucks the trend, while the open-ended, action-adventure Outcast puts you on an alien world with an epic story to unravel. There are plenty more games to find, from all three Rollercoaster Tycoons to the first three Alone in the Dark games and its spiritual continuation, and even Chris Sawyer's Locomotion. There really is no bad choice among these 26 games, but act quick as this sale ends on Monday.